Media Coverage

Media Coverage 1996

My Trial received a small amount of media coverage by some of the local Ohio press (News-Sun OH). Below are some of the Newspaper Clippings I have been able to track down so far. These Newspaper Clippings show that NONE of the information written (and subsequently read by the general public) was correct. None of what this reporter has written has any truth or fact behind it. What is more alarming is that the reporter goes on record to stay ‘Police Said’ insinuating that they had interviewed Police about this case. If so then why have the Police given this reporter FALSE information? If you have read my website you will by now know that Police on numerous occasions have lied to me and the witnesses telling us they have my DNA in the victims car and that they had found the victims car keys/ his gun and credit cards in my home. If you have read my website you will know this is absolute nonsense (and was proven in court to be so to). The Police admitted in Court that they did NOT have my DNA in the victims car and they did NOT find the victims car keys, gun, murder weapon or any of the victims belongings in my home apart from the credit card. Yet here are the Police yet again (now telling this reporter) that they found the car keys and the victims gun in my home! This is a lie and it was proven to be a lie in a court of law yet the Police go on record to the press and continue that lie – that FALSE statement. The Police quite clearly want the press and the general public to believe I am guilty.

Also note in this News report  there is NO mention that 2 of the 3 Witnesses (that they mention repeatedly in their report) also carried out and were present during the misuse of the victims credit card. All that is mentioned (and presumably all that the reporter has been told by Police) is that I went to the Mall and used that credit card. As you will all know that is incorrect. There was 3 of us present (see website for more details). They mention briefly that I purchased goods for some ‘teens’ and ‘staff’ but failed to mention that those ‘teens’ were in fact the witnesses that were claiming to be innocent and they were there in the Mall with me. Their involvement in the use of that credit card is a proven FACT (they all admitted their involvement to the Police and in Court). Is this yet another sign that Police made a deal with these witnesses (to drop all charges against them relating to credit card fraud)? If the reporter had been given this information by Police why did the Police fail to give CORRECT/TRUTHFUL and COMPLETE information to the general public? Was it part of a deal to keep that part of the crime (involving the witnesses) out of the press too?

The information that has been released to the press was either factually incorrect (as proven in court) or very small extracts from very large parts of Witnesses statements some of which in court were proven to be inconsistent or lacked evidence to prove its validity. Yet to the reader (the general pubic) it has been reported as pure FACT . For instance the ‘witness’ who claimed to have seen the victims belongings in my house was proven to be a lie when police failed to find any of the items in my home. The only thing they did find in that closet were a set of keys which (proven in court – see website for full details) were found to not belong to the victim at all.

Also note in an article the mention of another witness The Aunt ( Bridgette Johnson mentioned throughout my trial/website). As you can briefly see here she is quoted as saying she was ‘scared of me’ – please read my website/trial transcripts for details about how this witness was in fact heavily involved in the credit card fraud act herself. IF she was ‘scared’ of me then why did she suggest willingly to lend me her car enabling me to take her nephew to the Mall so we could purchase Christmas Presents for her kids using the victims credit card? Not actions of someone who is scared or frightened. In fact another witness in trial (Hasheem Stevens) went on to testify he himself heard The Aunt (Bridgette Johnson) suggest to me and her nephews we take her car and buy her kids Christmas presents using the credit card she knew was stolen. She did this happily and with full knowledge of her actions and Mr Stevens made no mention of Bridgette Johnson being scared of me when she asked me to do this for her.

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Recently recovered News Paper Clipping

Below is a recently recovered News Paper Clipping written and published BEFORE my trial – even here I am already perceived and reported as a guilty man by the press before a trial has even taken place. This particular Newspaper article is even more worrying because it is completely non factual and supposedly all the ‘facts’ have been given to the journalist by a police officer.


Firstly if you note the journalist mentions that I also faced ‘felonious assault charges’ from a previous non related case which I’m sure to the reader gives the impression I’m some violent punk with a criminal record and a history of violence. WRONG! UNTRUE! Before this I had NO criminal record and these ‘felonious assault charges’ from a non related case is absolute garbage. A LIE. Yes, I was arrested (falsely) a few weeks prior to my (false) arrest for the murder of Mr Thomas in connection to this assault charge they speak of. BUT I was released WITHOUT CHARGE when the police (the same police who have wrongfully convicted me of Mr Thomas murder) realised they had arrested the wrong boy (me) and subsequently arrested the actual guilty boy (Stevens) who committed these assault charges. This boy (Stevens) then went on to give a false testimony at my trial against me and his charges relating to his own felonious assault charges were miraculously dropped during my trial. Coincidence? I think not. My charges in this felonious assault were dropped and I was NOT charged and in NO WAY connected to it. You can easily check this yourself by searching my name on the Clark County Courts case website and view my records. You will see quite clearly there is no case or charges against my name for anything bar my wrongful conviction of the death or Mr Thomas. The police knew this at the time of my arrest for Mr Thomas murder, so why the police have decided to tell this journalist I had other assault charges from another case hanging over me I have NO IDEA. At the time of press (of this article and my trial) my charges for this felonious assault had been long dropped and closed and the real guilty party (Stevens) had been arrested and charged and was awaiting trial himself. I believe the police lied to this journalist so as to make out I was something I was/am NOT. The police knew at this very moment (of speaking to this journalist) I had NOTHING to do with this other assault charge. It had nothing to do with me or this trial. YET MORE LIES to try to stitch me up as some kind of violent repeat offender – which I was NOT and am NOT. I had NO history of violence, no past convictions and no criminal record.

Note that ‘police WOULD NOT provide any information about the motive of this killing’ that should say COULD NOT because we all know there is NO motive for me to have ever killed the victim. At that stage (and throughout the investigation) the police had NO motive for my connection to Mr Thomas and subsequently ‘made one up’ to suit their investigation and to make for a stronger case against me (as per my blog/website details about motive – please read).

And finally this Newspaper clipping reveals yet MORE evidence not investigated by police that could have proved my innocence and lead them to the correct/real killer(s). The clipping mentions that the victim was found next to an ashtray of cigarette butts. The 2 State Witnesses have mentioned in their testimonies that they went to the shop with Mr Thomas the day of the murder to buy drinks and cigarettes – thus concluding the cigarette butts found in that ashtray next to the victim would have included cigarettes smoked by ALL people present at the crime. The Witnesses claim I was there too, with them (and the victim) smoking cigarettes (I did then smoke cigarettes) so would it not stand to reason IF I had been there with them at that time MY cigarette butts would be in that ashtray? So why did the police fail to test these cigarette butts for DNA? Surely by doing so it would prove I was at the victims house and give them proof that I was there either on the night of the murder or at least at some point in his home (which I have NEVER been). The police have NO evidence to prove I was ever in the victims home (bar false testimonies by the 2 State Witnesses) so surely if they could have found DNA evidence to prove I had been there (and to back up the Witnneses claims) they would have used this against me at my trial. THEY DID NOT.  As far as I am aware those cigarette butts have NEVER been tested, in fact they were NEVER mentioned in court, produced as evidence or listed on the Evidence List provided to the Judge/courts as part of my trial. Their existence seems to have vanished! Where are they? Why weren’t they tested? This was a murder scene/investigation after all. DNA testing on cigarette butts COULD have been done in 1996. Or were the cigarette butts tested for DNA and did they in fact come back as showing none of the cigarette butts contained my DNA because I WAS NEVER THERE? Was this a case of yet MORE evidence proving my innocence that the police failed to investigate or MORE evidence my defence counsel failed to pursue or MORE evidence the prosecutor/police conveniently failed to mention existed because it would clearly go towards proving to the judge and jury that I am INNOCENT. My question is where is this piece of crucial evidence, why was it never investigated, if it was tested what do the results show and who’s DNA was on these butts? We now have Police files relating to Springfield Police investigation into this murder yet no such testing seems to have ever been done. Crucial physical evidence ingored by police and deemed irrelevant.

Below is the official Court Document proving my complete dismissal in the ‘felonious assault charges’ that the Police told the Press I was guilty of/charged with and had ‘hanging over me’ at the time of my arrest. As you can clearly see the REAL culprit was found guilty and sentenced for this crime in January 1997 (a month after Mr Thomas murder). However it seems he avoided any sentence/prison time nor a fine. Found guilty and let off straight after giving a false testimony at my trial. I was cleared and dismissed from ALL involvement and that fact was filed to the courts in October 1997. The crime itself took place in November 1996 and only 4 weeks later I was arrested AGAIN by the exact same police officers for Mr Thomas murder. In this 4 week period the police department already knew I was innocent (of this felonious assault charge). They had already charged and arrested the correct man instead. They had to let me go and they didn’t like that one bit. 4 Weeks later I am being pulled back into their police department this time for a murder and robbery that the police were determined to pin on me no matter what. They went so far as to ignore ALL the physical evidence, reasoning and common sense in front of them to insure this time they didn’t have to admit they were wrong about me.

Media Proof 001

Various Newspaper articles relating to investigation and my trial:


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