I received charges of Aggravated Murder, forgery and misuse of a credit card. NO ONE else involved in the use of that credit card has every faced any charges. There were 4 of us on the 4th December 1996 willingly partaking in the crime of credit card fraud. All 4 of us involved in this admit to using Mr Thomas credit card and handling stolen goods (1st trip to the Mall included myself, Keith and Mike. The 2nd trip to the mall on instructions to do so by the State Star Witnesses Aunt included myself, Mike and Terry). Yet I am the ONLY one who received charges for these crimes. I believe a deal was made between the police and the witnesses, Aunt and Keith (in the use of the credit card fraud) to testify against me/give false testimonies in exchange for a ‘no charge’ deal in relation to ALL charges that should (by Law) have faced them. It is my belief that this investigation hinged on Police Coercing/Influencing of witnesses to get them (the police) the result they wanted. They all lied to save their own skins. The police knew they had NO evidence to prove I killed Mr Thomas. They were desperate to close the case as quickly as possible. They ignored all physical evidence, they failed to collect other evidence available to them (or carry out a full crime scene investigation) and they coerced the witnesses to get the statements they required enabling them to close the case and move on to the next. Sloppy, incomplete,unprofessional police work!

I have always maintained that I am  guilty of using the victims stolen credit card. The credit card was given to me by the 2 State Star Witnesses. We (me and one of the State Witnesses) plus another man (Keith) went to the Shopping Mall to Foot Locker and purchased a variety of items using this card/checks. We ALL participated in this criminal act of (credit card fraud). We ALL agreed to do this. No one was doing so against their will. We ALL left with these stolen items and we ALL were happy with our ‘purchases’. Mike, myself and also Terry went back to the Mall that same day to purchase more stolen goods because Mike and Terrys Aunt asked that we did so on her behalf (she even leant me her car enabling us) I have been convicted for my part in this crime. Part of my sentence is for that credit card fraud. Part of my sentence is for being held responsible for MY part in that act. NONE OF THEM have been held responsible for their part in credit card fraud/handling stolen goods. I did NOT steal the victims credit card. I did NOT murder him or rob his home. I have never met the victim  (even though the police tried to insinuate that I did). However I DID use his stolen credit card in that store as did both of those State Star Witnesses and Keith. So it stands to reason that ALL involved in that act of credit card fraud would be charged for misuse of credit cards/checks? In fact would the Aunt herself be open to charges too, she willingly asked that we (3 youths) use that card to purchase gifts for her kids? Should we not ALL be held responsible for our part in the use of that credit card?  NO! Only I Jermane Scott received the blame for that. Only I received charges for using that credit card. Only I received any punishment. As far as I am concerned I have been given a LIFE sentence (without appeal) for the past 20 years for nothing more than credit card fraud. So how is it that the other culprits using the victims credit card/handling stolen goods weren’t charged? They admitted to using it, they admitted their part (just as I did). We ALL drove to that store together with the same idea in mind (to spend money on that credit card). We ALL knew it was stolen

My aim in highlighting this is NOT because I want that the State Star Witness or Keith to be punished for credit card fraud. My ONLY aim is to highlight the Police Misconduct and the errors that the investigation/case was riddled with.

Court Transcript Statements: Actual official wording/quotes and statements given by  1 of the States ‘Star Witnesses’ (Mike) in my trial regarding the charges he faced for his part in the misuse of the Victims Credit Card

charges 001



**Note that the statement ‘You be cool and you won’t be charged’ was heard being said by police on tape to the witnesses before their statements had been taken. This was said to a State Star Witness before they had given their side of events. Does this not conclude that even before the witnesses had given their statements (of their side of events) I had already been classed as GUILTY. No matter what these 2 witnesses had said in their statements the police wanted ME to face ALL charges ALONE. ‘Be Cool and you won’t be charged’ – what does that mean? What does that imply to you? Why was that comment never investigated by the Justice system as potential police misconduct? Why was quite obvious police coercing/influencing NOT investigated? This comment is just one comment caught on tape, how many more comments like that one were whispered in those witnesses ears (without a tape to record it)? The police state a deal was NOT made between them and the witnesses so how is it that 4 individuals used a stolen credit card/handled stolen goods and ALL involved in that crime were NOT ALL charged with credit card fraud related charges? Why is it that ONLY I received that charge? If NO deal had been made then ALL of us would have been charged accordingly. That is THE LAW. So why was the Law NOT followed or practised in this instance unless a deal was struck?

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